Women’s rights on birth 

If a women who suffers rape or sexual abuse and through no fault of their own find themselves pregnant should they then be forced to go through with the pregnancy? According to misogynistic men who represent pro life who don’t have to go through this the answer is yes. They say for the sake of the child they become their voice. This completely denies women the right to make decisions over their own bodies. It sees them having suffered one traumatic event forced to go through another. This child that would be created would be from violence, force and perversion, not love. That child may grow up looking like his dad, the abuser, the rapist. How would he/she react knowing they were created from a heinous act and look like the perpetrator of such an awful act. How will loved ones around them be. Will the biological imperative mean that nature overrides nurture and lead them down the same path. Having suffered the anguish of still birth I do not advocate abortions callously. I am proud life but with reason and caution judgement. Women in this situation should have rights and the final decision and say. Not a old man who may have never and may never have to go through this.


8 thoughts on “Women’s rights on birth 

  1. I understand what you are saying, but you are implying that abortion isn’t a traumatic, life-changing event? I would suggest you read about the many women who have been raped and chosen to have their babies over the trauma of aborting them. Why condemn the mother to committing an unspeakable violence when she is the victim of violence?

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    1. I know of abortions and know of women that have gone through them. Ones close to me. I am not down playing the trauma of abortion I am say the woman has a right to choose either way as it is her body. You can not legislate that. I am proud choice and against laws restricting their rights.

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      1. Every child has a right yes and having been through the loss of a child I understand that better than most. Which is why I would only advocate it in the most extreme circumstances, like rape and abuse. All life is precious, everybody has rights. I hope you have a good evening too. It is the acceptance and respect for others opinions that makes life so interesting and varied.

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