Hopes and dreams

Consciousness awakening

Seeing reality,

Spiritual enlightenment 

Always asking questions,

Transcendance of our being

Finding inner peace,

Growing and evolving

Self love and change

Dispatching the ego.

Uniting people, 

Helping healing all their wounds,

Out of darkness

Humanity may evolve real soon

But only when we find new systems

A brand new age,

With the wisest people to leads us

In to a brand new world,

Of love, light and peace

Of another time and place,

That transcends this

And raises us up to higher levels,

And helps humanity 

To rid itself of all its devils,

This is my hopes and dreams

To see the world unite as one.

On and on it just goes on and on,

On and on I offer my love to everyone,

On and on I offer all I can to you,

On and on I offer nothing but truth.


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