Lines on the battlefield are being drawn up

By the left and the right causing a rift

Within humanity that will be hard to heal

Both think their right and their opinions are real.

But the only thing that’s real is the anger and hate

And how they are ripping apart the miracle that life creates,

The love and the peace 

The compassion and the hope,

Which one day we thought may float.

The war of words has started and it’s all getting really mean,

Violence is  now following out there on the streets,

They have forgotten this  you see 

That is pertaining to be a human being is a special thing.
Because it should not matter about the colour of your face,

Should be impervious to different faiths

And class and creed is just used by fools

You are all being used as the establishments tools.

The only thing worth fighting  for is what creation created

And nothing to do with negatives and hatred,

Has nothing to do violence, war and death.

Creation give us chance to break free 

From our manacled self oppressed beliefs,

We could decide to be free

But entomb our selves in a lives of fear,

Killing what ever you don’t understand as clear.

Suffer little children to come unto me 

There should be no suffering in a land that’s free;

All creatures great and small should be protected by all,

For there is no division in natures plan,

The only ones created and built by ignorant man.

Humanity should be United as one

Coming together as an act of love,

Built around a movement trying to break free,

From this right wing left wing hating society.


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