Demonic yearnings

Demons creep in while your sleeping,

Try to get inside your head,

Goosebumps skin and hair pickling

A warning sign that they are close.

Demonic beasts with twisted thoughts

Wish to convert you to the dark, 

Moaning, whispering incantations 

Part of their dark suffering art.

They hide in shadows of your rooms

Awaiting opportunities,

To get deep in side your head,

Those days of weakness, depression, despair

That is when they will be there,

Like a virus ready to infest you

Ready with dark and grizzly smile,

At the thought you will be ensnared

And plunged into turmoil and chaos

A place of eternal suffering,

So don’t allow yourself this weakness

Do no let these demons in.

Throw light and love around your being,

Radiate an aura impenetrable,

Worship life and creation

Castle down these satanic beings.


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