Her purest love

The trickle of sweat run down her naked back tracing the course of her spine, sitting here on top of her lover nothing has ever felt so sublime. Two lips touching, tongues entwined in this moment exctasy is divine, making love with her twin flame is more than she could have ever imagined. Caught up in the heat the passion, no love has ever been this good, her body twitches, her muscles tremble, sensations cause her to writhe, involuntary movement, contorted spasm she now is no longer in control her body arches, she feels the hand caress her breasts as they do she feels her soul welcoming in the love she needed her heart now embraces just what she has missed and now it’s time she reaches climax and for that moment she seemed to only exist in non corporeal form but just in energy and in spirit as the first light of the new dawn, shone a light through the crack in her curtains she cried and moaned in passionate love. In that moment she realised what she was missing from her life, being a mother that was rewarding but she could not say the same for being a wife and as she kissed her true love fair, she knew now it would lead to despair to return to her husband and continue the lie she would have to tell him the truth, that she had found another love, say ‘it’s me it’s not you’ and he would know this was the truth because he could not do what this new love could do. For her new love offered her feminine divine, a same sex relationship so fine, two female hearts beating as one this twin flame was now her purest love.


3 thoughts on “Her purest love

  1. You are describing the same sex relationship and the reader finds this out at the end. This piece feels very intense and I think it applies to every kind of relationship, not just same sex relationships. It is beautiful. However, I wonder, don’t people already know that their marriage is over before they end up having an affair? I think they do. From my own perspective and my own experience, people pretend to be happily married all the time to avoid becoming other people’s topic of the day and avoid their criticism. However, many couples who end up breaking up later, as that is inevitable, know already that they are married to the wrong person, and they could have and should have (it’s impossible to not have ever tried) to break up earlier. It is like two partners owning and operating a restaurant where food is no longer served, and they say to one another, “Let’s pretend we are still in business, and we still serve food,” while in reality they both eat somewhere else or satisfy their needs in other ways. Therefore my point is, It is not anyone’s fault, not any of the partners if one of them would not have been so afraid to accept that marriages, like businesses, do not always work out. So she does not have to say, it’s my fault, because I am different, or it is your fault that you never made me feel like a human divine, it could be as simple as that, “We tried. It did not work out. Let’s stay friends.” That’s how I did it, or tried anyhow, until one was hurt really badly and did not accept my friendly shakehand.

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    1. Totally agree. Some know it’s over but remain in denial others take the blame just to ease the passage of the inevitable break up. Either way it is never easy and someone always feels the hurt even when it is obvious that it is over.

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  2. I wonder if my twin flame was/is married although I never saw a ring.. Anyway, great story some people might say its wrong to leave a family for your twin flame but what’s been aligned by the stars, Universe/God will happen anyway. There is no stopping it. If this story is true, I wish them love and happiness and hope they become strong pillars to uplift humankind! My flame is my guide. Sending love to my twin flame šŸ’—

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