Don’t give in the earth needs you


Do you ever get the feeling that what you do is not enough.

Do you ever feel you are fighting battles you can never win.

Do you ever think yourself so worthless that no one really cares.

Do you ever feel like screaming but you just don’t dare.

If this is how you feel know that there are other people who care.

People who feel the same as you, who wish they could repair,

The wounds in our humanity

And the harm done to this earth,

Who love and care for animals and everything else here

And understand how much it’s worth.

You cannot quantify it in monetary terms,

You cannot put a value, though they try, on our world

And you like me, have the empathy and the love for creations gifts

And we will keep on fighting for it, as long as we live.

So don’t give up the struggle

And don’t give up the fight,

For we all make some difference in some way

Especially when we all unite,

The only ones who oppose this view and try to contradict this,

Are those who are the death and destruction business.

So don’t give up

And don’t give in because creation needs you,

No don’t give up and don’t give in,

Because within this universe you are the one Spreading the truth,

And we love you.

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  1. Yes, I’ve been through all those that you have mentioned. And still going through at times, but lesser with the practice of mindfulness. What I learn from books is that we have not learned how to love ourselves. And hence I’m in the process of leaning myself. Reading your posts give me food for thoughts, and I thank you for that!

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