Perfect in every respect

My respect for her her is total, I love her intelligent mind, her sense of humour and her quirky smile, I am in awe of her energy and her drive, I am amazed by just how much time, she devotes to others who are in need I see her as perfection in everything but i still get distracted by the curves of her breast and her shapely behind is just the best, the way she wears her hair and her long silky legs entice me in and leave me gasping for breathe and she knows so she shows how she effects me but what she does is not as a tease, she likes how I see her in every aspect, knows that I hold her in total respect, is flattered and enjoys the way I admire and enjoy her, if she didn’t I would stop being such a voyeur, of her sublime essence and her beauty divine and I often wish that she was mine but she belongs to nobody for she is free, is is the my sexual desirable fantasy.


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