Love is the rhythm 

The beating of our heart,

The breathing in our chest,

The love we share

Is the very best,

And as the rhythmic flow

Of our chakra’s goes,

From root to crown,

We feel it simply astound

Our very being,

As it resonates within our soul,

Reminds us that we are twin flames of old,

And that our love is amazing,

Shining with the brightest light,

As we look forward to a future 

That is truly bright,

Flowing in rhythm,

Flowing endlessly in time,

Flowing with chakra’s,

Of a time that is divine,

Love is the rhythm.
Via daily prompt: rhythmic


3 thoughts on “Love is the rhythm 

      1. Autumn is nice in this part of the world. I especially love the equinox… the long vigil is the seasonal rite. Football season starting here…. that means economy

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