Pollution and destruction 


Of resources

Earth, land sea,

Taking away

Never giving back


The air

The earth

The sea

How you gonna


When you

Cut down

All the trees.

What you gonna

Drink when

You polluted

All the water,

What you gonna 

Eat when

You polluted 

All the soil,


For destruction

Fed by your need

For greed,

Your thirst

For exploiting

Everything that is.

Destroys our planet

Our environment

And this is backed

By corporations

And by government 

And if we want

A future

Then we will 

Have to change,

The structure 

Of how we are


And corporations 

And government 

Will have to

Reform or go,

To be replaced

By something

That understands

And knows,

The importance

Of the planet

And how we have 

To live in synch

Apart of it

Not from it,

Become a part

of Gaia’s flow,

That nurtures


Takes only what

It needs

And gives something 


Like clean air 

To breathe

And soil that’s 


Filled with nutrients 

And clear blue sea

With ample 


Existing in it

And clean water

To drink

There can be,

Enough for everyone

When you nurture 

Not exploit

This paradise

That is our earth. 


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