No benefits for disabilities

The new target for cuts

Are the disabled and infirm

Cutting back their benefits

The little that they earn

If your terminally ill

But got six months to live

They say that you can still work

And so take back your benefits.

Everyone knows 

There some abusing the system

But to punish everyone

Clearly is not fair

And the amount that’s being

Defrauded from the state

Is a tip of the ocean

By the amount of tax evaded

By the people working 

in financial corporations 

Who rip off society 

Without hesitation

But as usual it’s those eeking 

Out a life

Who suffer the most

Whilst the wealthy

Live the life

Of holidays, big houses,

Sipping champagne,

In their ivory towers

Protected by a state

That protects them 

With their power

And those who suffer disabilities 

Don’t get treated fairly

By a greedy system

That doesn’t even care.

How can we as a society

Allow the vulnerable 

Suffer this outrage

Without making a stand

And demand fairness 

From top to bottom 

In every single way.


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