Education for all

Helps improve us all

But it is used as a tool

The education you get

Is the one you can afford

The education you get

Is decided by who you’re ruled by.

Education can be taught in biased ways

Education can be useful to control

When used by the depraved

Education can be denied to all

When under a dictatorship rule

Because it’s easier ruling people

Who lack education

Who are not smart enough

To understand the correlations.

Then there are those who use it as a tool

To brainwash and information into you 

Easy to control people who think as you do

Education around the world is constantly abused.

Used to teacher extremism 

Used in perverse ways

To teach the young to act in selfish and hateful ways

Use teach xenophobia and racist, sexist negatives

Education is always being used to fit around politics.

Education is a wonderful thing

That can help improve us all

But not when it is used as a device for control and rule

Not enough time teaching love and peace

And compassion for all.

It’s important to understand and know the past

To learn important lesson

To understand the mistakes and how we can redress them

But history is written by the Victors

And so is not always based in truth

History a perception made by others who now rule.

Use the past to improve the present

And our future times

Use education to free and release thoughts in your mind

Think outside the box

Don’t be educated sheep 

Just learning and thinking the same as everybody else

Is selling yourself cheap.

Use your god given creativity

Use your conscious imaginary

Move out of this world of illusory 

And start to create your own reality

Learn to teach Yourself

Self education

Based around global information 

Free from biased insemination. 


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