I took a pilgrimage to my heart 

And ended up among the stars

Lit up by all of the pulsars

In and out of quasars

I am pilgrimage to my soul

Visited times ancient and old

Followed stories that were once told

And travelled along the silk road

I took a pilgrimage to my mind

Discovered we live in an illusion so blind

Realised there is no real concept of time

In the conscious reality of the quantum mind

And on all the pilgrimages I took

I never failed or mistook

Too see

Exactly what I was looking for

I was searching for the inner me

On all the pilgrimages I travelled 

I was sure to try to unravel 

The true unconditional love in me

The compassion and the inner peace

It’s a pilgrimage I will continue to take 

I will keep revisiting this place

For we never really everything

And this is the best seat of learning

So take a pilgrimage one day

Allow yourself that bliss and grace

And learn to reply understand yourself

In the most intimate and realistic state

For all the answers you need in life

Are right the residing 

It only requires you find them 

And spend time abiding in a state of self love

So don’t hesitate to take the pilgrimage 

Back home.


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