Newborn star

I visited a place

In time and space

Where stars are born

A nursery nurturing 

A stars first dawn

Readying in vivid form

To shine out bright

And to shine for all

Another star

Another spiritual rising

As represented by the stardom 

Matrix of life

Each representing souls

Of ancient and old.

This nursery where few go

But in astral flight

I head to the vivid glow

To embrace and indulge

The new young stars

Though the journey is far

It’s worth it just to help

Nurture these stars 

Through play as the gaze

Out on the universe amazing

Building up its energy and to start dazzling

Through clouds of gas 

And nebulae 

These stars represent

Souls  glistening 

As part of creations

Sparkling bling

That would make an envious

Rapper, gangsta sing

Of this most wondrous thing

That I experience while

Meditating and travelling 

In astral flight of vivid delights.

Via: daily prompt: Vivid

Image courtesy of space. Com


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