Thankless task

Thankless job of being a guardian

Of kids that are not yours,

You treat them like they are your own

And often all you get in return

Is grief and told ‘you ain’t my dad’

And you know that you have to take it,

It doesn’t matter how much you do

They can often forsake this

But then again there are others of my partners kids

Who are grown up and grateful,

For everything you do for them

And it feels nice to bask in the appreciation,

I guess you can’t please everybody all of the time

But it’s hard to keep your head together 

When this conflict becomes defined.

The thanklessness of living this life

You have to try to learn from

As an experience it teachers you what it is to be human,

Flawed and vulnerable, subject to pain

And feeling hurt from vicious words,

You have to learn to view them, as not personal

And you soon grow a thicker skin

And not see this life as cursed

But understand that on the path we travel

You will be exposed and open to every emotion 

Which can feel good but also hurt

And keep that firmly in the mind

During any future family commotions.


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