She once played as kids do

A lonely soul 

She sat staring out the window

Watching all the kids play

She doesn’t out much

Her  bones are old and frail

These days.

She watches kids at play out of the window

And her mind wanders to summer days

Hearst the echoes of the laughter

Resonating round her room

Reminding her of her youth.

She was beautiful back then

And full of life and energy

She was the object of affection for men

Is those happy boisterous days back then.

Remembering the holidays by the sea with friends

End of the pier rides and messing round on dodgems

Riding on the back of motorbikes

And dancing at Ritzy on a Saturday night.

Oh, Those memories and those days

Now seem so far away

And as the laughter begins to fade

She looks on out the window at the children at play

And wishes she could be out there again

But now the light begins to fade

All the children go home for supper

And she is on her own again.

Living in this small room

She puts on the lamp and nestles in front of the fire

Watching programmes on the TV

Clinging on to her memories

No one should have to feel this lonely

No one should be left to grow old gracefully

Without anybody calling

This is appalling

Says so much about how our society

Treats the elderly

We should be ashamed

We should all accept the blame

She sits there in her one room

Her life simply edging and fading away. 

But I hope at least she will make tomorrow 

And watch the kids at play again.


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