Where is the compassion 

Where is the compassion

Where is our hearts

That we can let life tear people apart,

The old and the vulnerable,

The poor and the meek,

Where has the love gone

Why can we not see,

That we’ve lost our compassion 

We’ve lost our way,

We live in a depraved

Society today,

Where it’s all about the money,

About the price tag,

Where most people are fake,

And are trying to hide from the sad life

In anyway,

Because it easier to hide than understand,

That is OK to be flawed,

It’s the way we were created 

Nothing ever perfect 

In every way. 

So where is the love,

Where is the compassion,

Why are we so obsessed with fashions,

Trying hard to be something else,

Trying to accumulate wealth,

The only thing truly matters

Is how many people you can help.

So wherever is your compassion 

Where has your love and your understanding gone.


3 thoughts on “Where is the compassion 

  1. Compassion is slowly but surely becoming a cornerstone in the world. We may have a ways to go but there are people out there who care for other humans because of their heart!

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