She felt the heat,

She felt the love,

As her body flushed 

Through erotic sensations.

She gasped a sigh

Uttered a sweet mummeration,

As her passion rose above 

Any sensual elevation,

She was taken to heights 

She had never been,

Ready the peak,

Ready to scream

And as she did

Her passion flowed,

In a way she had never known,

She grasped the head between her legs

Until the need for more had left,

Then she let out a mummering sigh,

As the head began to rise

And her best girlfriend,

Simply smiled

And pointed to a

Mummeration of starlings outside,

And said ‘see how those birds fly,

Free up in that beautiful sky,

That’s how I feel about you’

Free and sensually beautiful.
Via: daily prompt: Mummeration 


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