Spiritual realm 

Spacial dreaming 

Spectral void,

Here I stand on alien soil,

Low though I hear

The vibrational sounds,

Resonating from deep underground,

Menacing chanting

Then suddenly a light,

Then many forms

Spring into flight

And circle above me in 

Formations like twine

And I notice the filigree

Of creations divine,

Then with this knowledge 

I realise all is fine,

I am in a place of safety and care,

From omniscient beings 

Who dwell there,

In radiance and beauty

In grace and in bliss,

I then realise I am

In a place where spirits exist,

The spirit world of benevolence 

A void full of peace,

A spectrum of love

Beyond human reach,

Though through astral travel

I find myself here,

Through stilled meditation

That shuts out the fear,

And makes my feel


In luminescent bliss,

I long to dwell longer 

In a place such as this.


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