Finding home

In a lost daydream there often seems

no end to fairy tales and fantasies,

where beautiful souls trek fields of green

in meadows of wild flowers

bordered by trees of evergreen.

Yet yonder in the distant sky

there lays a cosmic anomaly,

where just above the mountain peaks

upon the horizon they can see,

among the starry sky of night

where fantasy has taken flight,

two moons, one planet fill the sky

and occupy the imaginative mind,

of two lost souls finding their way home

wandering dimensions traveling alone.

They backpack towards a place they no not where,

in order to find home there,

somewhere within dreams and nightmares

with only each other to share their cares,

to listen to how each other feels

to share true love which they find appeals,

they have traveled and made love in many cosmic fields

in hope that their path will be revealed,

that will lead them home and bring them to rest

firmly in each others breast,

nestled in the safety of a place they know best,

filled with family and friends

this journey finally at an end.

They shared experiences explored new realms,

explored each other bodies, souls and minds as well,

found a love they never knew

in each other and unconditionally too,

for all of life and all in existence,

through the universal distance

that they have trekked and they have learnt so much

but now they have found they have had enough

and wend their tired way back home,

though in their mind the way is not known

but have faith in the creator to lead them there

and guide them to their beds with delicacy and care,

so that when they awaken they will feel replete,

by these experiences they shared while in a cosmic sleep

of fairy tales and fantasies.






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