Love of the dead

Death had spoke her name

yet beautiful she remained

her pale white pallor so serene

here deep black eyes inviting me

her breasts cupped so enticingly

into a leather bodice lustfully

she offered them so willingly

as she showed my images and dreams

of love that a should never  be

and as looked at her leg clad in leather

that was at rest upon a box

of mystery I wanted to much

for her to surrender completely

and the promise of this was in sight

this leather clad beauty of the night

no longer from this life

offered me her fullest sensual delights

but first she told me of the price

to taste and sample her this night

that I must place both heart and soul

with her box.

Now my desire for her was great

but this cost would surely seal my fate

would she and me make love endlessly

in the afterlife of dreams

or is this a trap simply to entice

lust filled seeking souls like me

who are enticed by a love that should not be

she smiled and handed the key to me

that would fit the box and take me

to the after life and the place of the dead

but oh! how her beauty and body filled my head

I wanted her so much but was it enough to be led

from this place of life to death

to offer up my last breath in order to explore entirely

I look for the answers inside me

and decide there is more to life than death

and I will offer her my last breath

to be with her for eternity

because she had overwhelmed me completely

and so I opened the box with the key

and placed my heart and souls

in her box for all to see

then she led me by the hand gently

to a place where life can never be

a place of the dead where spirits are free

and where we could both live out our lovers dream.




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