His love for her had declined

over age and time

she needed something more

but what he offered was minimal

so out of this rejection

so found herself obsessing over

how it would actually feel

to be the object of someone else’s appeal.

So she found herself another man

who took and led he by the hand

to a world of passion and desire

and raised her self esteem and temperature higher.

He gave her all the love she needed

despite warning signs her husband never heeded

so now she found herself under the command

of a man who satisfied her demands.

She was not about to walk away

from marriage, even though she knew it had failed

but this will help fill the cracks

of a broken life which needed that.

He never inquired where she went

never paid any compliments

when she left in short tight skirts and stockings on

and that always hurt

knowing she was invisible to him

even showing out what she was doing

making it easy for him to see

she was experiencingΒ adultery.

But minimal was his interest

and she was fed up with second best

so she enjoyed the love that she could get

and the quite amazing sex.

But it hurt that she was invisible

to him she was so minimal

so she would work through the pain

being love by someone else time and again

feeling like she was visible again

at least for a while.


Via: daily Prompt: Minimal


24 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. This is a wonderful dipiction of what can be the lowest time in a realtionship…Contray to common beliefs… a woman does not need to fully carry out the act of adultry to appease her loniness. What a woman realy appreaciates is that unrestitrcted companionship found at the birth of a new relationship… The moment when the other’s affection is genuine…In regards to communication… Time has a way to detach our hearts as the mundane routine of life takes over… the beauty of marriage is the continous cortship… the ability to continously fall in love with eachtoher and relize that as time passes; we change as individuals; therefore the journy of discovery never truly goes away… it just gets blinded by life in genreral…at least this is my perspective.

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      1. Lol I just read my message to you … Will serve me right not to send a long one through my phone!! Lol so many misspellings….πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I blame these fatty fingers lol!!

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      1. Back to your poem, maybe if she would have told him she felt invisible to him, her feelings would have been brought to the forefront and cared for. What if he didn’t say anything to her because he felt invisible along with her. Relationships require clear and concise communication efforts, without it people begin to feel invisible.

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      2. I agree fully but it is up to each individual to ensure attentiveness to our partners needs. Communication is a two way thing and when it breaks down then this is the result I am afraid.

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      3. Let go of your fears. The only way communication will break down is if you continue to attach yourself, thoughts, actions, intentions to that fear. Let it Go.

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      4. Hello MultidemensionalHE,
        I fully agree with your comment. However, if she has told her partner of her feelings but they’ve been disregarded or tables turned or made to feel it was her fault, what then? How does she continue to tell them her feelings if they are never resolved? Curious.

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      5. Relationships are so complex and voices can and do go unheard. Though sometimes they are heard and resolutions can be found in open minded people but not many about. Too much ego involved and control/ownership.

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