Colours flowing

Let me share your soul with mine

let us embrace in love entwined,

let me make your colours flow

lets come together and then let go,

let me place a seed within your soul

so that it may flower and grow,

both combined ready to explode,

into a flurry of vibrancy

both feeling the passionate need,

meld together and be as one,

until exhausted and we are done.

Feel my hands all over you,

teasing every part of you,

yet staying connected eye to eye,

as I not only enter your body

but also your mind

and explore the very depths of you,

find your darkest desires that you love to do,

reveal your secrets and cravings that move

every aspect of your long held truths.

I want know every part of you,

I want to savor ever place in you,

I want you crave me, like I crave you,

feel my spirit deep inside of you.

Let’s transcend the moment

and connect souls,

let me take you to places

you didn’t think you would ever go,

let us light up the universe in a golden glow,

let me help you to let your colours flow,

tell me that you want me inside your soul

and I will ensure we will never let go.



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