Stairway to home

I found a staircase to another place

somewhere lost far away,

it led me to a galaxy light years away

beyond the stars and cosmic haze,

of all i’d known, my mind was blown

now in this wondrous world unknown,

I gazed around and stared in awe

having found a multi dimensional door.

A place of dreams, a place of peace,

a place of galactic release,

a place where spirits were pleased to see

someone human had transcended everything

and cast off all it’s fear and doubt

and let his spirit flow right out

and find the staircase of transcendency,

and finally allowed himself to be free.

somewhere out beyond the stars

past many planets and quasars,

between various black holes

and nebula’s, take a left there

and you are on the way home.

For this is how it’s feels to me

a place where i have always wished to be,

a place of harmony and tranquility,

please feel free to come join me.



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