Mother Nature bleeds as we kill other species

Is it not enough that we choose to suffer,

to self destruct, to inflict pain, in the name of power and gain,

is it not enough that in our ignorance we believe

ourselves to be superior and spiritually holy,

human and humane and heirs to this earth solely

that we choose to take down with us

other animals and other species,

killing in the name of food, sport and blood lust,

killing in the name of expansion of habitation is unjust.

We drive them to extinction blinded by greed,

exploit them and their habitats not out of need

but because we can and for the gain of superiority,

over all other species as if we need to prove the power

we have through the use of technologies,

to destroy more of the planet, by ripping up more trees,

and meanwhile Mother Nature bleeds.

Is it not enough we are on a collision course to our own ends,

do we really need to take everything with us,

for there can be no happy ending

in a life that is left dependent on destruction in the name of power and greed.


21 thoughts on “Mother Nature bleeds as we kill other species

      1. Hi, I really need to look at my words more carefully before I press send. I do have an eye disorder called Anterior Basement Membrane dystrophy, it is like trying to see through clouds. It is very much a blur and it is a struggle so often. For instance the word “you” in my response to your writing was suppose to be “your” posts. By the way, I love your new theme! Beautiful. Karen

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      1. our biggest problem as a race is our inability to control our birth rates and growth. Hence the ever expanding human habitats into animal habitats and exploitation of the natural resources. We need to find a way to stop the over population of the planet other than through war and genocide.

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      2. That could very well be why we are all expressing a new way for solutions to this dilemma we are facing. These are exciting times we are living in, because we’re “waking up” to these apparent issues which need to be addressed in order for balance and equilibrium. I do believe that we are on the brink of an evolutionary new way of addressing these pressing issues.

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