Yoga class

Your fear is the most boring thing about you. Step out of it. yoga:


As she sat in quiet meditation

in her class filed with anticipation,

she heard the instructor whisper in her ear,

‘I want your mind still and very clear,

I want to increase how much you breathe

I want to see your chest heave,

I want to make you want me,

feel and yearn for the need,

the need for you to desire me

to enter your soul and your body,

to do things to you in every way,

to make love to you in a yoga style way,

that I have developed to make you peak

catch your breath, leave you unable to speak,

through the rising passion that will flush your skin,

now just give your agreement and I will begin’.

He did not need to ask twice,

as her chest heaved she sacrificed her body to him,

by simply nodding and giving in,

eyes closed she felt hands moving over her yoga pants,

made her groan and moan as she felt her nerve endings dance,

in tingling excitable expectation and the quickening sensation,

that she was to be taken to a new level of yogic expansion.

She desired her soul and body being full filled,

by a master of the mindful of the outer body experience

and as she thought on this and felt his hands and the sweet caress,

move over her tight vest top and tighten every muscle and sinew of her being,

she felt her inner self freeing.

Felt the release and her body flow,

felt her self moisten so,

felt her self start to cascade

and in that moment fade away,

in mindful bliss at his touch,

she needed this so very much.

Then in a moment she came around,

heard a sort of muffled sound

and in that moment she became aware

that mindfully it was just her there,

he was sitting at the front

and everyone else’s eyes were fixed on her

and in her her hunt,

for somewhere to hide her embarrassment,

she stood up to leave and just rush out,

but he stilled her with a steady hand

and said not to worry everyone understands,

for they all went to the same place to

and you were not the only one to feel the arousal too,

each reached their peak in their own way or will do soon

and everyone is happy for you,

that just through thought and just through mind,

that you managed to heighten your sensual experience so sublime

and it was a pleasure for us all to see you,

achieve and reach a peak,

of total desire and unbounded need,

and be satisfied so soulfully.


Image courtesy of Pintrest

Argentina Rosado Yoga




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