Eldritch guardians 

We are guardians of the Earth,

Protectors of is sacred grounds,

Heirs of an ancestry 

Who understand that there is a need,

To protect it from those who want to harm

Through exploitation but be calm,

For we are part of natures magic,

Connected to its frequencies,

Merged as one with pagan knowledge 

Linked to the vibrancies.

We recite Earthly incantations

And Earth power flows through us freely,

Helps to hold back those who exploit her

The powerful and the greedy.

Eldritch laws sown through time

And blended deep within our minds,

Coursing blood of seed and sap

Chlorophyll flows with that,

which is in our vains and part of our soul,

Defining us as guardians of old,

Of valleys, moorlands and the wolds,

Overseeing rivers, soil and trees

Of which we have connected control

And ensures that nature will always breath,

Free from the dangers of pollutions creed,

Though it’s harder now than its ever been

A war and  battles may be waged,

To protect Mother Earth’s sovereignty

And may end the days of humanity

And as guardians we will help

Nature appease,

The harm done to it by ignorant men of power, destruction and industry. 


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