Brexit day. A requiem for lost unity

We seek isolation as if sole entities in the universe

residing in the splendid isolationism of ignorance and arrogance

not understanding the strength that comes with unity and solidarity

that alone we are a small voice barely heard

but in numbers large enough to be heard we can make a difference.

Our xenophobic fear of those who we perceive to not be the same as us

is the flaw in our tolerance, understanding compassion and love for all others

which is a trait that used to run through us all but has now been

driven out by the fear tactics of those with most to gain.


4 thoughts on “Brexit day. A requiem for lost unity

  1. It does not take legislation to be united with another countries. History is full of that. But, if leaving helps the UK prosper, so that it may once again, be a light. . . .I am all for it. I’m learning more and more about the EU and other of our so called. . . . good trade relationships. So far, I’m not very convinced.

    But England has my respect, and always will, thanks to a Mr. Winston Churchill.
    And I can not lie, I do have a crush.
    On a country, I long to meet and see.
    Hopefully soon, with full delight, I will rush to me with ye.

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