Enter if you dare


you ask me what I see as my territory

I say this is a place of spirituality,

activist ideals and poetry,

environmental concerns, cosmology,

and touch of sensual fantasies.

I like to keep things varied

like to keep my thoughts quite fresh,

thinking many different things

and not getting obsessed,

for attachment will blind you

to all there is and all we need

to study everything.

So if you come into my territory

please feel free to choose,

the thoughts you would like to hear from me

and I will share them all with you,

I do love connecting and

discussing anything,

for life is about being open

and living in honesty.

This is my territory so come into my lair,

come into my territory enter if you dare,

you run the risk of hearing truth

and talking open minded,

please don’t take offence

with anything your finding,

for this is not my intention,

it’s just share and to confront,

the issues that in life, many choose to shun,

but when you walk in to my territory,

all boundaries are gone,

for this place is one of change and love

and just having some fun.


Via: Daily Prompt : Territory





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