Long distance love

Long distance love

meant just talking on the phone,

to souls in love

both feeling alone,

sharing thoughts and feeling

and then she said ‘make me moan’,

so her told her all the kind of things

he would do when they were home.

He told her how he would caress her

and trace his lips over her skin,

and this is only the start of it

and how it all begins

but now she needs to tell him now,

some erotic sensual things.

So she told him how her clothes were loosened

and how her hands we wandering,

told him of the pleasures felt

as she was now playing,

he told her all that he would do

if he were there right now,

and both of them were hot as hell

and ready to let it out.

As the conversation continued

both told the other things

and shared how they and where,

both of them were touching

this built up the arousal,

and raised it to such peaks,

then all that was heard was

the moans and groans,

from touching and feeling.

Then finally as they both

came to a final end,

both of them were panting

both of them out of breath

and as they said good night

and told each other of their love,

she turned to the man in her bed,

and said now let’s really have some fun

and her boyfriend he then sat there,

smiling at his phone and then looked,

at the girl in his car and said,

‘now let’s go home, for all though what ,

you did for me was rather fun for me

I need now to full fill all your wild fantasies’.

The issues of the long distance love

can be very plain to me,

for what they say the eye don’t see,

the heart will never grieve.


19 thoughts on “Long distance love

  1. honestly this is a really negative stereotype of long distance relationships. I am in a LD relationship and we trust each other completely and he is my soulmate. saying “the issue with long distance love” makes it seem like all long distance relationships are like this. which they are definitely not. I can tell that you’re a good writer and I’m not trying to bash this piece, but poems like this are what gives long distance couples anxiety about the relationship. so lets try to be positive about the concept of distance.

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    1. Katie. Sorry I was in LD relationship too and now we live together happily. It’s not meant to be a general rule of that type of relationship. It’s just a fictional one off stand alone piece. I do welcome your comment and opinion though and respect it thoroughly. Apologies for any anxiety caused.


      1. it was definitely a twist. Was going to keep it in mind while I went off on my 30 day journey in April – but there will be no cheating (or at least I hope not though there will be temptation)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yeah yeah I know. Can’t grow without conflict. I’ve heard it once, I’ll hear it again. So long as Sage doesn’t have some unexpected death scene I can probably handle just about anything AJ throws at me.

        Liked by 1 person

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