Dirty energy, Dirty coal


Dirty energy,

dirty coal,

no future in this industry,

it’s time to stop denying climate change

and move forward in a greener way,

dirty energy,

dirty coal,

dirty minds,

of those of old,

who think that this may do some good,

but this is a blatant falsehood.

Investing in jobs is what they say

but how’s that possible when coal don’t pay,

setting miners up for another fall,

they will get the blame when it all fails.

Dirty energy,

dirty coal,

just like fracking for gas in shale,

pollutes and uses lots of water

in a massive way,

we must reject dirty energy today.

Dirty energy,

dirty coal,

go for much greener goal

be the hero’s be the change,

reject the fucking dirty ways.


2 thoughts on “Dirty energy, Dirty coal

  1. It’s so sad that we had to use coal and all kind of harmful chemicals just to keep this world’s economy up even though the earth is being destroyed by them and even now most of the wonder plants and animals that use to exist are now gone and since evolution is slower than industrial building were pretty much screwed.

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