Casting blame

When we look to others to cast blame

when things go wrong and when things fail,

stop and take another look check out as see the truth

that others can not be held to blame if we fall or if we fail,

understand and see through the veil,

the all we do we are responsible for

and everything that happens we must be held accountable for,

for it’s our life to live and learn

at every twist and every turn,

for we only ever fail when we don’t try,

so always keep that in mind

and whenever things never go to plan

you have to be open and understand,

that there was a lesson there for you to be taught

and although this can leave you feeling fraught,

we must see we the lessons and learn from them,

or else we will keep on repeating them time and again,

because this is the universe’s way

if you don’t learn the lesson

it will test you again

and to blame someone else won’t exonerate you from this truth

only you can be responsible for you.


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