Breathing, the only option


Sometimes breathing

Is all we can hope to do,

To get through tough times

And stressful moments,

To deal with the pressures

Of life and love and all that is,

We constantly need to react

To everything ,

in the best way that we can

Just to get through,

Dealing with it as each moment

Goes by

Realising how quickly

Time seems to fly

We seem to be getting nowhere

We are bogged down in life

Struggling to cope with

All the strife

Of modern day living

And constant demands

Like we don’t have enough

In our hands

That we are expected to cope with

Expected to work out

Without any help

Just lost in the crowd

Of people all strung out

And feeling the pain

Of everyday living

In this stressful age

Where everyone expects things

Double quick

We arriving in the fast age

So you better be fit

For the job, for the purpose,

For the menial wage,

For the long hours worked

For the pittance of pay,

So breathe in and breathe out

Is all I would say,

The only important thing to remember

In this time and place.

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