No Passport required


Do I need a passport

to travel to the universe,

to travel among the stars

as I fly on my astral flight.

No borders there

and no passport control,

you can go anywhere,

go with the flow,

it’s only on Earth

that your freedom

is limited,

only on Earth

is your travel

always restricted.

I don’t recall ever being told

in the scriptures,

that people were not free

to travel around this planet

and I don’t recall who decided

that borders were a good idea,

I guess it was the power mongers,

who lived in the past in fear.

I can’t be doing with this stuff,

we should all be one and that’s enough,

one race, no borders,

no anthems or flags to control us,

for among the stars

we could be truly free,

so leave behind this meritocracy,

meditate and come on fly with me,

in the cosmic life,

it’s no more illusory,

than the life we are living now.

I know you have questions,

I know you have doubts

but just fly with me,

and be what you want to be,

fly with me, feel how good it is to be free.

No passport required,

No border checks,

no immigration,

at least not yet,

so just fly with me

and be what you want to be

fly with me, feel how good it is to be free.

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  1. Restricted but yet in some ways at least over the net we do transcend those boundaries to reach out and empathise with each other. And then after a while will certainly have no restrictions, we’ll go – free. 🙂

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