A year of humbled gratitude.

So April is here

And it’s been 1 yr,

Since I started 

To blog

It’s been a pleasure,

Not a slog.

Now 55,768 views 

Have come my way,

And 15,257 visits to date

And to think 

I never expected 

Many views,

Visitors or likes too,

I have to say

I am a very happy chappy.

So please keep visiting

I hope you enjoy

What I write

Then that’s a delight

And if it resonates

Or maybe hits a chord,

Feel free to come back

A whole lot more.


21 thoughts on “A year of humbled gratitude.

    1. Thanks Em. You were there at the start of this And gave me so much encouragement to push in. I’d never written much let alone put it out there. Still learning, still in awe of you and your work. X


      1. Train driver just missed half the platform. Lol
        Am in front carriage and he came in to see if anyone noticed. I assured him that I did.

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      2. Pensioned off on less than half the minimum wage and excluded from participating in a manner reflecting my skills, qualifications and experience because I am so unbearably good looking…. I see it as my civic duty to let him know so.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Keep forgetting… 0653 and nowhere is open for breakfast these days because they are all on drugs and have plenty of money

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