Waste thing

Bad man,

Waste man,

Drug man thing,

Can’t you see

Your life you’re wasting,

Drinking from the mug

Of the losers brew,

Not seeing everybody 

Is laughing at you.

But you can turn

Your life around,

Stop hanging on

The corners around 

Your town,

Find and use the 

Talents that were

Given to you,

And refuse to drink

Anymore from the losers brew.

Some people out there

Need to do what they do,

Just to scrimp and scrape

To get enough for food

But many are just spoilt

Middle class brats,

Acting up and acting all bad,

Don’t know what it’s like

To have a  tough life,

Never suffered stress or strife,

It’s less like a gangsta life

And more like a fashion lifestyle

And even if life is tough for you,

There is still no reason

To drink from the losers brew.


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