Blindly we walk

Thick fog

The church bells ring

Melodious the sound 

Of our doom sings

Out into the night

Can you hear the whispers 

Of ordinary people

Going about their


They don’t hear 

The doomsday bell ringing

The year walk blindly 

Through the fog that is life.
Like cattle being led to the slaughter

Not questioning anything

But the ought to.

For time is running out

And the graveyards the are filling

The doomsayers bell 

And the fog are chilling

To all those that understand 

Humanities plight

Can see how the days will turn

To eternal night.

So do not walk blindly through the fog 

Open your eyes and try to help stop

Another major war

And global extinction 

This poem reflects reality

It’s how you live that is fiction.
Via: daily prompt: blindly


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