I know this ache, this heartbreak

How many times can your heartbreak

How many times must I feel this ache

Like an old friend we are well acquainted

Leaving big holes in my soul and life tainted

I sit here now crying real tears

And there is nothing that I can do

I look out the window and see a full moon

And I wonder what is the reason and truth

Behind the pain and the heartache we will go through

When endured far too much as it is.

As my tears drop on the worktop

I know I have to keep a grip

If I am to get through all this

And no matter if the sun shines

It will always be dark and raining

In a part of my heart.

Thinking of your bravery and of your strength

Will give me the resolve on the end

I wish I could be as brave as you

I wish I could be as inspiring that is the truth

For you are amazing

And no one can hold a candle to you.

How can we lose you

How can we bear this heartache in truth.

My tears now flow freely 

And I can’t bear to think

There nothing that I can do

Impotent and powerless to change what’s to come

I feel the need just to hold you

To shelter, you to protect, you from harm

And tell the universe the stars and moon

That they cannot have you

But I know the truth

There is nothing I can do

And so many will mourn you and miss you

And in your short life 

You would achieved so much more than mine

So I salute you

And bow down to you

As my heart breaks and tears fall from my eyes

But for now it’s goodnight

But not yet for the last time

And as I say goodnight I know the tears that blind

My vision will never go away

Or the pain ever assuage

My heart will never heal again

But even when your far away

My love will be right there with you

Just know that I will always love you

And always think of you

No matter how much time will pass

Because I love you

And I will miss you

And that’s the sad heartbreaking truth

Just know that I love you.


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