feminine flavours so divine


The  varied colours of feminine beauty dazzle me

all the coffee colour falvours and all the creams

they taste so very fine to me.

Graceful and sleek and so sublime yet also so refined

they occupy many moments in my wistful mind.

as I dream of the sweet taste and touch

Oh how i love the feminine divine so much.

The beauty of the faces so chic,

the bodies shapes unique seem to beckon me

the mind that is so sharp and strong

the auras that they resonate like a love song

draw me in and make me wish and dream

of feminine grace and bliss to be a part of my

everyday life, filling my every moment with their spice.

I bow down and pay homage to you all

for you all have me obsessed enthralled

with total love and respect

you are so beautifully blessed.


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