Timely arrival


How timely it was when he turned up

to see his wife making love,

to a friend, in fact the neighbor

in the lounge on the couch,

and she was enjoying it without a doubt.

Now he could have been upset

but knew she needed more,

he remember the times that she had implored

him to raise his libido higher

and start to increase his passion and desire

but for many reason he could not do this,

he wish he could and did not want this

to ruin what they had in every other way,

they were happy and loved each other

and told each other every day.

So he gave her a free reign

to scratch that itch,

to find satisfaction with his blessing,

as long as she promised to always come back

and not to fall in love and end what they have.

She promised him this and sought merely physical love,

relief in another person who respected her enough,

to give her what she needed but demand no more,

and it turned up in the neighbor next door.

He watched as he made love to her her on top

then from behind, he barely stopped,

her face was a picture of pleasure and bliss,

he even liked the fact they would share a long lingering kiss.

Their bodies glistened with perspired sweat,

as he took her on the floor as he wondered where next,

then they sat in a chair and she rode on his lap,

he was almost tempted, n the window to tap

to let them know he was enjoying the view

but he did not want to risk them feeling it was crude,

so he silently watched as they made love once more,

with her on the floor, kneeling on all fours,

That was when she caught a glimpse of him

and as the neighbor went deep in,

she smiled and mouthed ‘I love you’

as she thanked him for this,

then in a prolonged moment of pure lust

and physical bliss they both reached a peak,

and ignited as the threshold had been breached,

and they connected in that moment

and he could sense both their flows were blown

he had full filled her in ways she had not known,

she contorted and twisted in a myriad of ways

and he would never forget the satisfaction on her face.

As she crumpled on the floor, the neighbor now got up and left

and left her there panting and struggling for breathe,

so her husband walked in and told her he was blessed,

by a wife of sheer beauty who had sensually expressed

her deepest desires for him to see and yet,

loved him still there was no regret,

which he felt with relief,

and she spoke just to thank him and said that she’d never leave

for her love for him was beyond sexual physicality

she would love him for this eternally

he said the same and they both held each other tight

and they both watched the sunset till the dimming of the light.







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