You are the author of your story

And life is your book

Everything and everyone within it

Is created by your conscious mind

But this is misunderstood

You can decide how you live it

How it starts, the middle and the end

You just have to discover your inner being

And see the world with brand new eyes

Break free from the programming 

And realise your authentic life

Then you can start writing

The life you truly know will make you happy

A life based around what you really need

Instead one of what you want

With aspects of material greed.

Having achieved this ensure its a story

Of unconditional love

With underpinning knowledge 

That without peace and compassion 

It will never be enough

So take a look at life

And ask yourself Is this a story I would write

And when you realise you’re the author of your life

Change how it is and change your plight.


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