Random variables called life


Random variables

Constantly abound,

Quantum materials 

Yet to be found,

Elusive black matter

Surrounds our


It could define

The universal mind.

Yet many look

For answers

In all the wrong 



And not following 

The traces,

That we are all

Created of

Quantum light,

Nothing is

Truly real

Neither is 

Your plight.

They worry

Every day about 

Wasting time

But time is


Like everything

Created by 

The mind,

Life as a human

Is all about

The learning,

People often

Miss this

Through illusory 


Focused on material

Things in life,

Instead of understanding

That if the

Learn is just right,

They will find

The answers are


But when you do


Really begins,

To open up and 

Show you

The realities of being,

This is a concept

Based on freeing,

Your mind and 

Your soul

From the physical


And let’s you

Reconnect with

The quantum again,

Where we realise

We are spirits,

Made of energy

And light

Experiencing a

Human life,

Which is one

Of the secrets

Of just being,


You’re your 

Own reality.

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