Selling us lies

They sell us lies

The big brand companies

Are all tied,

They poison our foods

And our minds,

Those who sell pesticides

Also sell us food

And it’s a lie,

When they say it’s good for you

Do you even know what’s in it 

The labels are misleading,

They hide dangerous ingredients 

Behind fancy the names

And their commitment,

Is to coax us onto GM foods

That increase all their profits,

Monsanto making Frankenstien

Food for the masses,

And even though in maybe harmful

They don’t really care,

Because it’s all about the money

It’s all about the profits,

All about selling us the lies

And they know it,

Don’t you truly know what’s in your food

Well it’s not natural,

And it’s doubtful even the stuff they sell

Is truly as organic as they state,

Don’t buy their lies

The big brands do this all the time,

And they are tied

To each other 

And all selling us these lies.


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