Truth is so rare these days

Who can we believe today

the truth is hard to find,

propaganda left and right

to much spin and too much hype,

who are we believing

is it church or politicians,

or is the media who have lost

the independent vision.

Each one of these three groups

it’s been proven tell us lies

we need to ask more questions

we need to demand why,

what is it they are hiding

what secrets do they keep,

why is it that the real truth

means they cannot sleep,

we have to find a way

to transition from the state,

to a place of honesty

that is rooted firmly in place,

throughout all of the establishment

if the system is to stay in place

and we need answers for why it is

the all seems so two faced,

promising us one thing

then delivering another,

they must be held to account for this

just like any other.

For they don’t have a get out card

giving them permission to lie

the truth is something to fight for

from when you are born to when you die.




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