None so deaf that don’t want to hear

Imbue hope

in those that can not cope,

offer up a hand

don’t go handing them a rope,

show them your sagacity

for their situation,

based around your ethic

of mindful contemplation,

aspiring to change a world

lost in desperation,

that has lost the art of brevity

and for communication,

people second guessing

how to paper over cracks,

but it’s love and compassion

peace and tolerance that they lack,

along with the skill of listening

and being able to hear,

the voices of those suffering,

yet still it fall on the deaf ears

of those who spend their time,

denying they hear the sounds

of those who are oppressed,

heads stuck in the sand

and their arses in the air

blinded to life’s turmoils

because they don’t have the ability to care.






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