Polluted cities

Pollution and fog

arteries clogged,

by the chemicals

in the smog,

gasping for clean air

in London town,

not very likely

your’e just going to drown.

Wipe your face

after being outside,

see the pollution

within the grime,

black film

covering your skin,

from the dirty

diesel engines.

Monsanto pesticides

in every breath we breathe,

so many suffer

from chemical disease,

can anything change

it’s hard to see,

because of the

multinational companies,

driven by greed,

they ensure they

constantly lobby,

governments of

the world globally,

pave the way

with incentives

to accentuate the greed,

underwriting promises

with freebie luxuries,

paving the way

for pollution to simply

continue on,

paving the way

for us to continue

being poisoned.

It’s a crooked messed up

world in which we live

and they are making it harder

for us to strive and exist,

in a chemical cloud,

where we can hardly breathe,

in many major towns and cities,

we need new answers

for this problem to be eased,

for pollution to be eradicated

so that we can have clean air,

I believe this to be reasonable

I believe this to be fair.


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