Mindful sitting

Mindfully I sit in bliss 

Searching deep within myself,

For the authentic truth in me

As well as the love which I offer freely.
I sit and connect unconditionally 

To the universe in nonconformity,

Being as random as energy

I search for the inner peace to define me.
In blackness I create light,

I banish shadows and foster compassion

And in the stillness of my mind,

Tolerance grows and blossoms into life.
Luminescent are these moments,

As I feel the grounded Earth beneath me,

As I connect to nature and the matrix,

I feel the energy of creation within me.
In this moment of meditation 

Feeling as one with creation,

I lose sense of negativity

And somehow find a sense of relief,

That enables me to simply breathe

And let go of the attachments

And the domestication,

That’s always been a part of me,

Like a limitation or a disease,

That has always eaten away at my self belief.
Unlimited is my self love now,

Universal is my awakened mind,

No longer shackled but flying free,

Among the stars and cosmic plains

Of spirituality.
Blessed is this moment,

Blessed is this time,

Blessed is the conscious reality 

As it defines my transcended enlightened mind,

Leaving the illusory state of suffering,

Well and truly behind

Out of sight and out this new place and time.


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