The energy flow

We are energy flowing

around each of us

and within each other,

not hampered by boundaries,

not hampered by divisions,

no physical barriers,

no genderfication,

we simply flow.

Those moments we feel

the connection with others

we are sharing the energy flow

Mingling together,

caught in a mix,

feel free to flow through me,

as we share experiences,

as we feel the love,

as we fell the universal dream,

we feel the energy

it makes us feel alive,

as we just simply flow.

Rich or poor,

black or white,

the energy still flows

irrespective of any of this

our energy eternally grows,

synchronicity sees how

energy embellishes

how life works

and so the energy flows.

So welcome and embrace

the energy flow

and share it as much as you can,

for energy defines us

and energy creates us

and when awakened

you will understand.


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