Salad days

Salad days are here,

and I do love my salad,

spinach, lettuce, cucumber,

tomatoes, olives and feta cheese,

topped off with a nice bit of salmon.

Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle,

at least that is the theory,

succulent taste,

that bring thoughts of summer.

Mindful in eating,

mindful in food,

appreciation of what does you good,

savor each mouthful,

consider it’s worth,

food of the gods,

food of the earth,

practice good living,

and live a life you deserve.




2 thoughts on “Salad days

  1. There is a salad that I always eat; I can’t get over it. It also has feta, spinach and romaine, other types of greens, onions and candied pecans and olives and dried cranberries. I normally just have it with oil and balsamic vinegar. It’s so darn good and I always feel great for eating it. I make a huge bowl of it almost daily. P.S. thanks for following my blog 🙂

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