Being better

I resolve each day to do better,

To increase my spiritual growth,

To transcend my past flawed life

And learn to become more enlightened,

Now if society could do the same

Learn to break the domesticated chains,

If it could seek more wisdom instead of hate

And refute all of the desires of the state

To exploit instead of share,

To fight instead of learning how to care,

Of building a world that’s built on peace,

Not just violence and deciet,

Then maybe there could be a better future for all,

Brighter, lighter, resonating love,

In a world that has more than enough

To share it’s dividend 

And save this Earth and humanity in the end.

I pray for change,

I pray for hope,

I pray for being better days

And know tht the future lays,

Within myself.
Via: daily prompt: Better


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