End of humanity

Crestfallen due to loss of hope,

The dream of humanity failing to cope,

I stand by a barren landscape

Witnessing a failure to escape.

The destiny that we are born follow

That is when our story comes to end

And there is nothing left but sorrow.

I sunk down onto my knees

I see a vista’s of various species,

Bodies littered on the ground

And environmental extermination,

Carried out by those whose rationalisation, 

Is that climate change and wars

Cannot be seen as the cause for our self extinction

And that of other species.

But here before lays a testament

Of how wrong these Megalomaniac men,

Who were driven by power 

Motivated by greed,

They got it wrong and destroyed everything.

I came here on filigree wings,

To visit and oversee the end of humanity

And it’s moved me to tears and led me 

To question why humanity couldn’t change

And why they couldn’t see the truth

Find away to push on through,

Transition and transcend to a higher plain

And why they stubbornly refused,

Until in the end there was nothing left to abuse

And in the end there was nothing that even creation could do

But watch and shed tears of remorse 

From its universal eyes 

For a masterpiece sadly flawed to die.


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